Marine Development Project Case Study

Brielle Marine Basin

Project Summary

Brielle Marine Basin

Brielle Marine Basin is located in Brielle, New Jersey on the Manasquan River. The facility is located directly on the ICW. The property had been severely neglected for many years and the marina was in severe disrepair. The marina was sold in November 2011 and the owner contracted Intercoastal to assist in rebuilding the marina and reestablishing the business operations. The project involved the construction of all new bulkheads and docks including new electrical services, new pumpout facilities, new high speed fuel pump and lines.

The project also involved the addition of a 25 unit In/Out Rack Storage business. The marina required substantial dredging to accommodate the target customers. Once construction projects were underway the focus shifted to establishing a customer base and developing a marine service business. The substantial investment by the owner required a quick ramp up of slip occupancy, winter storage revenue and repair business. In addition we also expanded the existing marine store and restocked it.

Property Overview

Land Area: 2.5 +/- acres  
Location: Brielle, NJ – Manasquan River  
County: Monmouth County  

Marina Overview

Slips: 60  
In/Out Racks: 40  
Equipment: 70 Ton & 35 Ton Marine Travelift, 20,000lb Marina Bull Forktruck, 25,000 lb Hostar Hydraulic Trailer  

Brielle Marine Basin            Brielle Marine Basin
before   after



Bulkhead & Dock Project

Upon acquisition of the Marina the most important project was the full replacement of over 1,000 linear feet of bulkheading and all existing docks. Intercoastal completed a full redesign and construction of the marina beginning on December 1, 2011 and completing the project on May 1, 2012. The bulkhead was built using all vinyl sheets and double wailers. The dock was built to commercial standards with structural lumber and composite decking.

Brielle Marine Basin            Brielle Marine Basin
before   after



Marine Store Project

The existing marina had an outdated and under stocked marine store. Intercoastal worked with vendors to restock, redesign and reopen the marine store. In an effort to service our customers we believe it was important to offer a full service, fully stocked marine store.

Brielle Marine Basin            Brielle Marine Basin
before   after




With the construction portion of the project 75% completed by the Spring of 2012 Intercoastal was able to bring the slip occupancy of the marina up to 90% from a dismal 40% the prior year. The marine store was reopened in April 2012 and continues to have great success. The response from the local community and the reviews on websites such as Active Captain all indicate that the marina is heading in the right direction. Several projects are now underway, including the renovation of a 25,000 sq/ft shop, the addition of a large swimming pool, and the continued clean up as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Intercoastal continues to manage both the construction and the daily operations of this project and marina.

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